The estate is designed to be fully accessible. The grounds are flat and there are no steps either on the access road or the paths to the villas.

Parking spaces are wider to accommodate wheelchair users. All outside pathways are at list 1.5 m wide .There are portable ramps for outside doors that have small steps. All villas have spacious bathrooms.

Attention has been given to details like the height of beds for easy transfers, the corridors and the tables for wheelchairs access.

Steps in the pool are wide and shallow to facilitate disabled people. There is even pool lift!!! Nearest restaurants are accessible as well

On request

  • Pool lift*
  • ¬†Bathroom chair*
  • Taxi with ramp**
  • Accessible boat for day cruises***

Please ask us for anything else you may need.

*As there is only one portable lift and one bathroom wheelchair please check with us for availability. Note that this is a free service.

**As there is only one Taxi with ramp in Kefalonia please check for availability well in advance.

*** We rent it with a skipper.On our standard trip we usually do a 6 hour trip visiting several beaches on the west side of the island, the island of Vardianoi and Vatsa beach where you can have lunch. There will be a cool box on board with snacks and beverages. Of course weather permitting we can organize any kind of trip you want